Best anime to watch right now
I've watched some of the mainstream anime, like naruto, one piece, death note and attack on titan. Problem is that I find it that, the other stuff that there's avaible just can't compare to these classics. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

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Black lagoon on Netflix is quite decent.

One of the better animes that I’ve watched thst I’ve heard no one talking about is akame ga kill it’s on Netflix I can’t really explain it but trust me its really good if you like battle scenes.

Theres so many other nice animes apart from the classics. Usually from anichart can find those recent good ones. Have you tried jujutsu or like rising of the shield hero kind

Best Comedy Anime by far would be Kaguya-sama Love is War, or D-Frag.

Haikyuu is a good one also on netflix

I recently binged Attack on Titan. It's weird at first but I got into it.