Best language to learn?
What's the best language to learn for an English speaker? trying to broaden my horizons now that i have extra time

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well...have spanish, french, two useful languages for those who want to travel abroad

Spanish as first language is the 2nd by total speakers in the world, so it will be useful...

Spanish literally opens up most of south/central for you

South/Central America

Depends on what your definition of best is!

depends on where you plan to travel - Spanish or Chinese probably have the most potential

Spanish is very useful, you also have french, but if you feel like being adventurous you can go for Russian/Arabic but it won't be easy

You should try to learn dutch, it's can be quite difficult but if you put your mind to it you will succeed!

Spanish, Italian , or French are all Latin languages so you'll have an easier time learning them and what you learn from one language can be applied to most other latin languages.

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Welsh if you want nobody to talk to. Love if you want something to work long term. Russian if you want a cam model.

Language is a personal choice man, pick the one that you think will be most useful for you.

i would say spanish french japanaese and mandarin

English if you havent mastered it yet but yeah like what others said, Spanish is really useful too since its spoken everywhere pretty much

Obvious is choice is Spanish, you could also think about Portugalese

English Spanish and may be german

Japanese also is useful

I would continue with whatever language you used to study in school. For me it was Spanish and I am trying Chinese as well although its very hard just to figure out what the characters stand for. I suggest Duolingo to get you started

Spanish probably makes the most sense.

It depends man. For me Spanish and German.

It basically comes down to what you like
I can recommend German and Japanese