Best marvel movie in the MCU?
I was wondering what you guys think is the best marvel movie released in the MCU?

Deadpool 1 & 2 imo

The first Avengers movie was pretty well done. Not too over the top.

I thought a lot of the first entries for many of the characters/teams were pretty good. Iron man, Thor, spider-man, captain America, x-men, deadpool. then the sequels were pretty hit or miss. Personally though I like Deadpool out of all of them

Probably Thor Ragnarok and Deadpool

Both Deadpool movies are great

The winter soldier, the for those saying Deadpool it was not part of the mcu

Gotta be Thor 3, I loved the comedic side of Thor

I loved Captain America: The Winter Solider, such a great movie.

It's Winter Soldier or Iron Man 1 or 3.

IM 3 gets a lot of unnecessary hate because "not muh Mandarin", but it's basically a Lethal Weapon buddy cop movie. It's probably going to age the best of all the movies from a standalone standpoint.

Winter Soldier, hands down. Doctor Strange is a close second

avengers end game was fucking sick tbh

Endgame was the best in terms of emotion and epicness. Gonna be hard to top

i think that Black Panther was the best movie. From the acting to the cgi it was overall a very enjoyable film to watch