Best model on live cams show?
Best model on live cams show?

for me jackplusjill on CB

never really got into watching live cams - maybe something to look into

Do people actually watch cams

I do on chaturbate

Usually its not worth it cuz you gotta sit around for hours someting to happen or cam girl will go into a premium lobby so its best just to know names of the camgirls and look for recordings of their streams and their highlights on other sites. I reccommend Bella Brookz, Arianna's Secret, Happy_Yulia, Victoria Roze, etc

As for sites, is good but make sure to have an adblocker, PH has some stuff on it, most major platforms have it but a lot of the time content will taken down by DMCA which is basically a camgril taking down a vid for copyright infringement and stuff

Also check reddit for recommendation for people to watch, i bet there are subs for that. MFC and CB are the most popular sites

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badgalari is so gorgeous, but she really needs a better cam and mic

Anna_mariia on chaturbate

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Jack and Jill are at another level for quality shows. Jill is honestly attractive.