Best music for productivity?
What kind of music/artists do you listen to when you do tasks such as studying and general work. Been trying lo-fi recently and wondering what other people listen to

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I'm a big fan of lo-fi for work and chilled classical.

Also find I work well to good minimal techno.

The Ghibli Soundtrack are really great to focus on something. 10/10

ChilledCow lofi station for me

I listen to classical music and movie music when studying.

Math rock is my favorite, if you don’t know what it is, is basically badass guitar and bass and good rhythm

its gonna sound crazy, but you know the song from spongebob, Smooth Jazz by Kelpy G, I banged out my Mechanical Engineering final in like half the time last year. Not sure if it was because it was virtual so Google helped, or because of Kelpy G. And find a 1 hour/ 10 hour version

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Lo-Fi YouTube or SomaFM beats.

If I really need to crank out an assignment or personal project then I'm always going with natural ambience, especially sounds related to water. Something about the sound of waves crashing or rain pattering against a steel roof makes it very easy to tune out the outside world. One of my favorites is "Autumn River Sounds" by TheSilentWatcher. It runs for 9 hours and has some nice visuals to boot.

The “Classical Focus” playlist on Spotify always does it for me. One of my favorites from the list is Schubert’s “String Quartet No. 15: third movement, allégro.”

Scientifically speaking bethoven