Best short animes?
I kinda want to start watching more anime, but some of the shows are so long. For example,I tried to watch Naruto, but I figured out at the rate I was watching it would take me a year to finish! I also don't like the 'ten episodes of filler, then a big fight' structure that some of the longer stuff seems to have. Are there any animes that are shorter and more compact - like maybe 20-50 episodes as opposed to 500? Which ones are most worth watching?

Haruhi suzu

Or neon genesis

I have actually started watching neon genesis, it's really really good so far. I'll check out haruhi suzu, thanks for the reccomendation!

try Dust on Youtube

I'm having trouble finding it. Is it just called 'dust'? I've searched 'dust anime' but it turns up loads of different things.

Inuyashiki and Erased are pretty good and short. They're both 11-12 eps and fully completed, so no waiting for season 2 or having to check the source for the ending.

Inuyashiki was a pleasant one, honestly. I didn't know what I was expected. If you were to break it in two acts, then definitely Deathnote up to maybe episode 13? So good.

Honobolo log is probably the best shirt anime I've come across

This all looks really good, thanks guys!

I have something obscure for you. Watch Punch Line. All Ivan say is what I thought was gonna be another boring slice of life ecchi anime became one of my top ten animes of all time

Try Jujutsu Kaisen if you want to watch a shounen anime

I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying is a great slice of life and it is very short

Code Geass is really good. If I remember correctly it's 52 episodes from 2 seasons, just over what you recommend if that's ok

Trying Fate series maybe?
Like Zero or Unlimited Blade Works

Noein is a good sci-fi short anime

Cowboy Bebop!

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