Best things to do in Vegas?
Sure there's gambling. But what are the best things to do in Vegas?

is there anything to do in vegas right now!?

Casinos and AYCE except only when the quarantine lockdown is over.

Eat at good restaurants.. some are off the strip. Do one buffet if you really want to, they're generally not worth the inflated price vs how much you eat

Ya gotta get Married! duh!

Unless you want corona haha.
Nah just wait man.

play blackjack but thats about it for me

Nothing haha. When the virus lets up though I say poker.

It involves a little gambling, but what my friends and I like doing is finding a bank of penny slots away from the crowded parts of the casino and post up there for a while. When the drink gal walks around five her a fiver, tenner would be better, and keep handing out a dollar or two with each drink and you'll rarely be empty for long. Then just hang out, drinking, smoking, hitting the machine every now and then so you're 'gambling' and your drinks are free, and chat for a bit. It's a nice way to either take a break for a bit or spend very little to pre-game what is to come next.

If you're in one of the bigger hotels with a pool and shit most of them have cabanas you can pay to rent and spend some time poolside drinking, hanging out, and chasing some tails.

I'm not really a club dude, but if you're one who loves to dance there's always some music thumping somewhere. The 'bigger' clubs generally have large cover charges and pricey drinks.

If it's a strip club you want, yeah you got quite a few to choose from. Not really my thing either; I don't like paying to have blue balls, lol.

Speaking of fucking. If you can't get laid in Vegas you're either uglier than sin or broke.

Watch some shows like Cirque

I personally go to Vegas to gamble lol

the white stuff with strippers

Check out the Pinball Hall of Fame. They have a giant building filled with all kinds of pins and really old/unique arcade games.

If you're into pinball the Pinball Hall of Fame is pretty great. Tables from the electromagnetic age all the way to tables released in the last couple years.

Even if you don't gamble the casinos are interesting attractions, just walking up and down the streets is good for a bit too

damn i miss vegas

Cirque and eating. Can't go wrong!