Best way to do weights?
Needa lose weight and deciding if cardio or doing weights is better

Well both can work
So do what you like more

The best way to lose weight absolutely is lifting weights with a focused effort on progressively overloading the muscles. Increasing your muscle mass will increase your metabolism. However, if you have a lot of weight to lose or you live a fairly sedentary lifestyle, it's highly recommended to add 30-60 minutes of cardio to kickstart the fat burning. You also must eat enough protein daily in order to support muscle growth. 

Most important, be consistent. It takes time.

In the instance of trying to lose weight getting in the gym and lifting is probably your best bet, but the most important part is being able to control your diet to actually experience any weight loss in the first place. You need to track your total caloric intake and energy expenditure and make sure that you're always in a caloric deficit in order to actually lose any body fat otherwise your effort will be for nothing. Lots of information on this online, Gl bro!

Main advice loose weight slowly or else you'll get stretch marks

Yeah thinking of doing weights more thanks guys

You can think of like there’s two ways to burn off fat: active and passive. Active would be time spent in the gym or running, and passive would be the calories burnt doing regular everyday stuff, like working or watching TV. As you get more active and strengthen your muscles, more calories will burn even when you’re doing nothing, which is the end goal you’ll want. That way you always feel good!

For you, I’d recommend a warm up of 5-10 mins, maybe on the treadmill, jogging etc. your strength conditioning, then another cool down on the treadmill for 5 mins. Also remember: there’s a whole lot of places to burn. Do try to throw in a core or leg exercise in there! Best of luck mate.

Just do calisthenics

Loose weight gradually with a mix of cardio and weights. Without weights you won't get that physique

Hi there, I would recommend weights as well but combine with bodyweight exercises.
Prioritize big muscle groups legs, back, chest also for cardio you can do like 5-10 min warm up and in my opinion it's better to do LISS( low intensity steady state) walking for example.
Like 1 hour every day and you are good to go.