Best way to learn python
Hi, Im trying to learn Python. What is the best method?

I think that you have to understand the basics on youtube and then invent yourself miniproyects and do them googling. I think chat GPT could be useful

I agree. Look into Khan Academy or YouTube, learn the basics of types, functions, etc and tehn pick a projec that is of most interest to you to motivate

If you’re in college you can get Datacamp free for a few months through github

first of all, what do you want to achive, just a little programming in privat or going full buisness style, there a lot of ways to do stuff wrong or in inefficient ways.

Python has a getting started tab on the website with a lot of stuff to read and learn, after that you should think about a project you like to programm, split into single stuff or even creat a PFC(process flow chart)
and start working step by step.


I suggest you start with the following course on YouTube. It's designed for absolute beginners to coding and explains everything with just the right amount of detail. I also find the teacher's voice easy to follow, and with many short and manageable lessons, it's my go-to recommendation for beginners.

RE: Best way to learn python.

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