Better Call Saul
Anyone watching this show? what is your opinion on it?

I personally think it's becoming better with every season and the current season is breaking bad level quality for sure.

Definitely agree that it's getting better but not sure if it's quite at breaking bad levels yet - that's a pretty high bar

Love it. It goes at a slow pace but imo it’s just as good if not better than breaking bad

level quality like breaking bad

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Honestly, the characters progression, though most likely slow for many, is FANTASTIC in this show. I kinda didn't like Saul in Breaking Bad, but he is now my favourite character in the BB/BCS universe. I personally put Better Call Saul over Breaking Bad now.

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I have to watch the season 4 again before diggin the 5.

I would say, it's on par with BA. but slower to settle

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Saul had really grown on me over the course of the series so seeing him as a main character would be rather interesting. Walt's story is pretty straightforward. It shows just how much your final days could change you. He was desperate to make sure his family would be well for the future and would be remembered as a hero but decided to take the easy, yet darker, path in order to achieve his goal. And from taking a life for the first time, Walter White slowly died, but Heisenberg lived on. That ending in Season 4 which showed how Walter (Or Heisenberg) poisoned the boy just to get Jesse to join him in killing Gus, was a real shocker. However, seeing Saul and his comic reliefs the whole time would be amazing, although I would really love to see the rise of Gus Fring on how he became the most fearsome and cunning two-faced villain from Breaking Bad.

is a good season better caul saul?

i start watch now, and i see this, it's a good quality

Then you are in for a nice surprise, BCS delves a little deeper on both Gus and Mikes stories whilst introducing a slew of pretty amazing new characters. Really enjoying Lalo and Nacho too.

I'm enjoying this latest seasons. Things are going well for him at the moment..I'm waiting for the shoe to drop

I really like it I havent seen the new season yet tho

It seems to be getting better with each season.

I was really into it for a while but am finding it harder to get invested for some reason

It’s one of my favorite tv shows and its totally up there with BB for me, it’s a shame we have to wait a year or two for the next season.

Im on season 4 and I like the show but I dont see how some people are saying the writing is better than breaking bad and why it has better reviews and scores. I love the show but it wouldn't be as successful without breaking bad even tho its a great show. definitely top 3 of the past 5 years but still hasn't hit the breaking bad and sopranos level for me which is also the cream of the crop so its not bad

Definitely agree that its getting better every season. Lalo is the fucking man. Can't wait to see him in season 6!