Bluetooth risks
Bluetooth devices are very convenient, especially when it comes to wireless headphones. I use them all the time, but I've heard from some people that Bluetooth can be damaging to your body in the long term. I'm personally not concerned, as I doubt it emits enough radiation to actually cause any real damage.

Does anyone else choose not to use Bluetooth because of the potential risks associated with it? I'm curious how many people find it to be a serious risk.

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Well thats actually just ridiculous. Everything around us radiates. People actually don't understand what radiotin means. The sun for example has a lot more powerful radiation than that and its mostly harmless.

Maybe there are or wont we know

Tbh it’s probably just the Facebook moms,Bluetooth has been around for a while I feel like scientists would’ve figured out it is harmful by now.

It won't cause permanent damage as far as i know.