Board games?
Anyone here into board games? I've seen a lot of interesting games on the market but I am not familiar with them. Any suggestions?

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Stars Wars Rebellion is a good game.

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i recommend Dyxit to play with no hardcore boardgames gamers, it's really cool.
and if you want something that is more deep in strategy (and manual), i recommendo Zombicide Black Plague

There are so many good ones:

Casual: sheriff of nottingham, panic station, code names, werewolf

Hardcore: Twilight imprerium

You can find a lot more on rpggeek

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Pandemic. Fun to play right now.

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I recommend the following classic board games that you will have a ton of fun with friends:
- Settlers of Catan
- Ticket to Ride
- Dominion
- Alhambra

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Pictionary isnt necessarily a board game but its also insanely fun with friends. Also theres Monopoly online if you want to waste a couple hours

To add on what others have posted.

Light: Sushi Go, Carcassonne, 7 Wonders, King of Tokyo

Medium: Kingdom Builder, Clank, Castles of the Mad King Ludwig, Scythe

Heavy: Terraforming Mars, Gloomhaven, Through the Ages, Terra Mystica

Hell mode: Kingdom Death Monster

If you can play with a large group of people haunting at house on the hill is pretty fun. But again its better suited for a large group.

monopoly of course lol

Stars Wars Rebellion, is a good board game