Broken Link Reupload - Part set only
Hey, about a week ago I asked if a particular thread could be re-uploaded as my mega had been taken down and I wanted a local copy of the set back.
It's since been re uploaded (thank you!)
However I noticed the set is missing a significant chunk of its photos/gifs, were these lost ? Or purposely not uploaded (for onyx members or dmca issues if i had to guess)
Would I be able to get these other photos back? and if so, how?

Cheers, Lev

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I'm guessing its been scrubbed from mega ?
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[Image: 5ef757b184c3263e8f51e223aec27c40.gif]

Hm, mega scrubbed specific files before repost bot could grab it? interesting
a couple photos are corrupted so maybe it was mid deletion
interestingly its most of the ones w/ her face in that are gone
thanks either way

if anyone managed to grab this in time please hit me up

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Thank you brother

wwow~ ⊙o⊙ this is hard