Building an SFF PC
Does anybody here have experience with building in an SFF case? What's your reason for going with SFF instead of the standard mid-tower, and what case did you go with?

Portability. I like the idea of being able to take my whole set up anywhere without too much hassle. SFF has become more mainstream recently which is good for consumers as there are now a lot of cheaper alternative cases than before. I went with the Ghost S1 black. I like the design compared to similarly sized cases like the N case.

Louqe recently teased their new case the Raw 1 (I think). Personally I'm looking at something more compact like a Velka 5, since I probably won't be overclocking anything.

i mean you could do it to get the ability to move your setup whenever u want but .. i think u'd get more performance and more choice by doing a regular build

Yeah I went with SFF because I wanted to build the entire PC into a wall cavity. Mostly just for looks, I always hated the tower on the floor or tower behind the monitors look. Figured it would be fun to have a desk with no tower and hide everything.