Buying cars new
I always wanted a brand new car but find it hard to justify - do people here think it is a good idea or not? I feel like it's paying a lot just to have the colour of your choosing and some overpriced options but at least it would be in warranty...

Its not a god idea the only thing that is god about buying a new car is it is less likely to have a motor damage but if you buy a car for 50000 dollars as example it will be the moment you drive it out so much money loss likely if you were to sell it after a month 20000 or less because it isn't new for people. So no it isn't a god idea buy a car cheap car and repair some things it's much better because you can sell it for more if you want another car and even make a little money

It depends on your own situation, if you have a very busy career no time to research and inspect used cars then it could make sense. For most people it doesn't make sense.