Call of duty vanguard alpha
Last weekend the alpha of call of duty was playable. It only included the game mode champion hill. What were your overall thoughts? Back to WWII setting was a good choice?

I have to admit I didnt play it very long, champion hill wasnt my kind of game mode. But I was happy that I liked the gameplay and look/feel, thats something I want to try before buying.

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Totally forgot about it. The trailer looked interesting, hope it turns out fun

The trailer looked sick but I never had the chance to try it

The gameplay was good. I had some weird audio bug that made everything sound distorted though.

I watched people play it like j.god it seemed to run good I only preordered it for the guns on warzone tbh lol
I’m hoping it will have a cool game mode like zombies or something along the sort

idk.. they need to stop releasing these games yearly.. put some effort into it..