Can't pay credits to get the link - although I have credits

In the thread, "click here to use 10 credits to see hidden links" doesn't work. Can't get access, although I have credits & reputation & contrib level.
I worked hard to get access to this content (and it's pair video). I got access to the original post, just to find that the link (at gofile) expired.
I reported the broken link, and it was reuploded by the bot. Now I still can't get access to the content as the spend 10 credits method don't work (it worked on the original post).

Please help me get access to the video!



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Thank you for the report.

This has been fixed. Have 100 Credits to spend Smile
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[Image: bde77860ca7faa1f89ec9c4c3771efcb.gif]


The fix works, I was able to access & dl the content!

Thank you for the fix & the generosity!

Have a nice day!

This is still an issue, Lucifer, the javascript seems to be broken. Nothing has changed in my browser, whenever I click on a link to unlock, it does nothing.

Odd, I made a comment on the thread, and it let me click on it, all fixed now apparently.