Can we please get some more subforums?
Title says it all.

 For example, every time I open the Hottest Leaked Babes forum, I'm barraged with dozens of reposts of the same ten RG sets over and over. The HLB and statewins websites had hundreds of posts, yet the forum here is spammed with people stealing each other's posts, resulting in the same shit getting posted over and over again. 

Can we please get more subforums? On the HLB and Statewins websites, you could sort through posts by a tag like RG or Snapchat. If we had a similar design with subforums under the Hottest Leaked Babes forum (like "RG" or "Periscope") we could sort through posts properly and it would be much cleaner. Would also make cracking down on reposts easier. 

I love the site but this is an annoyance that has been getting progressively worse over time. I don't wanna pay for a membership and only see the same small amount of content spammed constantly.

great idea.

Totally man lol

smart smart into it

Totally man great idea.

Yep, we need it.

I agree with that opinion.