Can you tell the difference between water?
Fiji, Smart, Ozarka, Pure Life, Dasani, etc. In a blind taste test, would you be able to tell them apart?

I can tell the taste of tap/fountain water since they have that iron-ish aftertaste and some cheap generic brand water bottles have a similar aftertaste to a dry Tylenol pill. But as for any other water brands, I honestly can't taste the differences between them lol. What about you?

Yes I can tell difference

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I don't drink water, I'm made out of 60% water why would I also drink it lol

You can tell the difference by the taste. Some have more heavy metals in them than others, and some inject electrolytes to try and cover up the fact that their water isn't filtered. Each brand has different standards of filtering. Once you get used to drinking a lot of water, you can also smell the difference. Drink a lot of water each day, and you'll quickly be able to taste and smell the difference.

Absolutely !!  At At

Never could really tell a major difference between the taste of water from a fountain. Although if you store water from a fountain within a bottle, after awhile it starts to smell a bit metallic or something of the sort.

Honestly the only water I can tell is it's from the sink. All that tasty fluoride turning me gay

Water is watee

There’s a big diff

yes i can m a pro water drinker

I just know Dasani tastes like crap lol

To me, tab water seems to taste better than most of the bottled water brands, for some reason.
A lot of brands taste very flat like they're missing something.

Distilled water has an odd taste. But most bottled water is pretty indistinguishable to me

i cant tell that many but i can tell between one or two between tap water

Yea, I can usually tell there's some difference but I dont really have a preference

Yes I definitely can. Figi water is top tier