Cannot Pay Credits to Access Content
I keep getting the below error when I have the right amount of credits, can you please advise what i am doing wrong?


Unforunately the link you have tried to access is only avalaible to upgraded members. Or people who have paid credits to access it. If you believe this is an error, please make a thread in the Forum Feedback.

Note - I am looking to pay credits

Can you post the thread where this is happening ?
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[Image: bde77860ca7faa1f89ec9c4c3771efcb.gif]

I also realized that if you don't have positive Contributor Level, but do have the Credits, your Credits gets eaten, and no refunds.

Yea that just happened to me

I got the same issue too bummer

Had the exact same issue, even with a sufficient contributor level... Tried putting multiple threads about it, no way to get in touch.

Had the exact same issue..........

Dont see the point in earning credits if you have to have a certain contributor level to use the credits.

I'm sorry i was wrong. You can spend the credits but you dont actually get to see the content. Youre just out 10 credits.

Just get your Contributor Levels up!

how do i even get credits

What contributor level do you need?

Can you elaborate more info..thanks

Contributor level is the key to access more link