Cant pay for account upgrade
When paying with coinpayments, I have the sufficient balance of crypto, however, the same error pops up.

ERROR: The total must be >= 0.00800000 for this coin...

I definitely have the sufficient balance as it confirms your balance with you when checking the check box upon choosing whichever crypto.

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i having also this problem

looks like coinpayments has minimum withdrawal limit of 0.008 ETH so i don't think you can send small amount like 0.0068 for elite upgrade. so glad i wasted my time setting this up when it not even works.

played around with crypto payment some more and it look like payment for Elite Upgrade with ETH is broken. selecting BTC work fine and gives you payment address but ETH gives error saying minimum payment is 0.008 ETH for this coin. is there an address I can manually send payment to so i not mess with this stupid coinpayments thing?

and just to add. i did try different web browsers and disable addblockers and none of that is the problem.

Unfortunately we do not have anything setup for this atm. Maybe convert the ETH to BTC (using the app) and then pay with BTC ?
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Problem is that the transaction fee's are greater than the upgrade price. To buy the upgrade using BTC your balance should be 0,00021 (for the upgrade) + 0,0004 (transaction fees) = 0,00061 BTC (approx 30 USD)

Same problem, wish I could just pay by card.

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That sucks dude

Maybe use credit card?

I guess he wants to keep it private, hence the crypto currency.

Initially, I was thinking of using BTC as well but the transaction fee was way too high (like you guys mentioned), I converted my funds over to Litecoin and sent it that way, fees are super cheap.

Wish I could afford any crypto!

Good stuff man thank you

Im having the same issue here