Censored JAV
I'm actually curious. For those you like JAV porn, do you mind the censorship at all? Do you hate it? Do you avoid it at all cost?
I'm asking because I absolutely hate it and avoid it at all cost, but I had a friend who didn't mind it at all. Am I weird?

i try to avoid it... and javplayer should be improved

I'll watch it if it's some random theme I'm into and there's a JAV of it.. Otherwise no would rather find uncensored JAV stuff

cant be helped if it was my fav JAV actress. Otherwise i'd prefer uncen.

whats the best JAV site out there rn?

i think Censored JAV is really weird and it just shows by just looking at the japanese men and teens , idk if u know wha i mean..

I seriously hate it. Total turn off

I prefer uncensored, but they have a way of making censored hot as well...

i just wish there were subtitles more often.

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I've gotten so used to it that uncensored JAV feels like a special treat.

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It’s just Japanese censorship laws man, I mean there have a been tons of jav producers that opt to get servers out of japan so they can make porn without it being censored.

I don't know how Japanese citizens and Japanese adult businesses allow those laws to exist. If they made porn censorship mandatory in the US of A, people would be protesting that shit hard. Censored porn is a violation of human rights! (Maybe not, but still)

doesnt matter. theres something avant garde and interesting about censored anyway. and uncensored because of it.

I watch quite a bit of JAVs and while there's various take on people's opinion, I don't really mind the censoring since I'm more of watching the actress's face (and body of course) as that's what turns me on. There's a lot of cute actress so I enjoy watching them but if there are leaks somewhere without the censoring of certain actresses, then it would be a great treat to be able to see it

to be honest the model quality in censored JAV is so much better than uncensored ones..

Censored ones have better plots

I don't mind censored too much (uncensored is always awesome). But I usually like JAV over western porn cos the plot is usually more interesting, or there's a lot more thought put into the scenarios. I heard a theory somewhere that made a lot of sense to me: cos JAV has censorship, you can't do the whole genital-closeup thing, so the industry evolved to be better at other things like plot and scenarios and camera angles an all that. I know these days in western porn we have the whole step-incest setup and the remote control vibe and the stuck-in-washing-machine ones, but those became popular quite recently, I'm guessing 5-10 years or less. In contrast, I rmb watching JAV in early 2000s with things like "receptionist for a day has remote control vibe/gets fucked throughout" or "dude gains invisibility powers and tries to fuck at every opportunity".

Somehow anal is the exception for me though: censored doesn't interest me at all.