Chess lovers in here?
A threat for chess lovers, you guys taking a look at the Pogchamps tournament going on on twitch atm?

watched Pogchamps as well. That XQC clip facing MoistCr1tikal

Not a lover but I like hammering the app, hopefully take more interest one day though

was into it as a kid. grew out of it fast though.

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Couple of friends have got me back into it lately. Shame so many people cheat online otherwise i'd play more often.

With 3 Pogchamps tournaments, it has gotten a big following recently

I used to play often with my brother but due to work and our lifestyles in general we got too busy to play however because of COVID it meant we had to stay at how allowing us to play chess again this was the only positive of the pandemic being able to enjoy moments like this otherwise it’s a complete life ruining fucker

*at home allowing

love playing the game