Tell me about some stuff you guys collect, just watched a video on rare stuff and was wondering whats some stuff you guys collect?

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Umm, nothing.

Used to collect comic books. But now i just "download" them from ....sites.

Dust, usually.

Barbie dolls???

The time for collections are long gone, at least for me.

I’d say collecting things has became a lot more popular since it’s easier to find rare things now but I don’t have a passion for collecting anything

As long as you have the money, collecting isn't an issue.

I collect nudes. Lol like of girls I’ll talk to on snap and that.

Hotwheels, since I was a kid that I'm obsessed with those. Can't go to a trip to the supermarket without passing on the toys area to find some new collectibles

I collect links to nudes lol and video games