Contributor and Credits
Just a thought as Im new!

Based off what i have noticed and read, you get;
  • 5 Contributor Points for Creating a Thread
  • -25 for posting a comment in a Porn thread
  • 1 Credit for each Reply you make.
I understand this is to protect the forum from leeches and encourage users to contribute moreso than Leech, but is it possible to rejig the formula to better reward those that are doing their part for the Forum?

What im suggesting is a scaled forumla that provides rewards based off the users Threads, Posts, Likes, Reputation and Replies.

This would depend on what the moderators value when it comes to the formula and whether its possible to apply such a formula (sorry dont know whats possible or not within a forum setup).

But i feel like those that, for example, have contributed more then 50 threads and have over 100 reputation, or have gained over 1000 likes for their contributions to the community receive 10 contributor points per thread (instead of 5) and/or receive 2 credits for each reply.

I guess ive seen many posts of those that feel like you arent rewarded enough, or punished too harshly and thats fair enough that this is case when it comes to new users (like myself). But instead of discouraging them from contributing and feeling like there is no light at the end of tunnel, why not provide them with an incentive to be more involved and contribute high quality stuff, in line with what this forum is trying to achieve.

As i said this is just a thought, just wondering what peoples thoughts are?

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You are absolutely right and we have already started looking into improving this .

Expect an overhaul of the system in the coming days
Please read the FAQ's before you message me.
Message me if you have any issues with the forum

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I think that the -25 should be a -15

Thanks for the info it really helps since i am new

yea, i.m new too .. thanks for info

How can you view credits

This helps! Thank you for the info

And how do you get credits? you can't buy them

Nice post man! and totally agree!

You can upgrade your account or by posting, but if you post on leaked threads, ur contribution will go down.

For real i was willing to post good stuff in the leak section. But its just frustrating to post good stuff and get nothing back. I spend credits for seeing contetent. But my Contributor Level is not high enoth to see the link. Ok i will leave this site. Its not worth it.

Thanks for the insight, I'll see if I notice the same thing.

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i noticed the same issues, i have a lot to post but feel like i wouldnt get much back

System overhaul? i hope i dont registered too late for this

I agree with this since it will help me improve and contribute here

Oh that's good to know, thanks!

i think it would be great to have some credits after signing in. Kind of like a welcome bonus.

yeah i think the -25 per reply in the leaks section is a bit excessive

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yes, -25 per reply is way to much

Hi, new comer here ... i read the rules and i approve them. But in order to maybe pay for the access, the 10 credits limitation can be a bit hard to first see what we can get with pay plan. So i'm actually looking to all posts, trying to answer the best way and avoir shitty content just to make credits.

Is there another way to "start" safely, or am I doing right ?

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what contributor rating is needed to view a link you unlocked?

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