Cyberpunk 2077 for the PS4?
I was just wondering what everyone thought of cyberpunk on last gen consoles and if it’s worth getting

Do not get it. The game is very badly optimised, meaning that you'll get shitty graphics and very low fps, like 15 fps.

It's probably a bad idea to play cyberpunk at all right now. The numerous bugs will probably ruin a lot of nice moments, and people say it runs poorly on the old generation of consoles. Wait a few months when they've fixed bugs and performance issues.

Nope, definitely not right now. Either wait for patches or play PC/new consoles.

Yeah as the other guys said don't buy it right now for ps4 because its really bugged, almost unplayable. If you really want to play it right now the best way atm is on PC. I heard that thay are going to release some big patches soon tho (in 1 o 2 months)

I got it for PS4 and regret it massively. Everything is blurry, constant crashes, bugged quest lines. But the worst part is, the cars and pedestrians are extremely reduced. There's like 3 people on the street at any one time. Makes the world feel so hollow and lifeless.

I agree with everything said above aside from the statement that it is unplayable. It's definitely playable but what the others said is right, don't buy it until it's optimized or you have a next gen console.
Right now it is not worth the triple A price tag.

On the pro it's an okay experience but you should stay away until they optimize the game a lot more

I had on ps4 and gave it to the store Sad