Cyberpunk 2077......was is that bad.
Its been a while since it came out or at least enough time to slip out of my mind. I was wondering if anyone else played it and what everyone thought. It had so much potential but at least as of last time i played it was just such a broken game.

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Sorry, Mods I should have probably put this under the gaming subgroup. Feel free to delete if ncessary.

Don't worry about it. I think Cyberpunk 2077 is also classifiable as entertainment, as it's an open world, as opposed to an FPS or something.

Cyberpunk 2077 is what happens when a great idea isn't allowed to completely grow because the execs - who have jack shit for an idea as to what makes a good game - get involved. They pushed it out before it was ready, and now they have that mess on their hands. But not a single one will lose their quarterly bonus because execs are insulated and protected. Unlike the programmers, writers, producers, techs, etc.

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I dont think I explain it any better.

Isn't the source leaked?

I think Cyberpunk 2077 is not that bad. It just incomplete

Cyberpunk is fun asf. Well, the first couple play throughs, ive completely run out of things to do and the thought of playing it makes me not want to not play anything.

I feel the same way JessHyde. I finished the game but the idea of trying it again on a different class seems so daunting. Which is weird because I just played mass effect again for the 100th time.

It was okay.  What was bad was the release and the incredible bugginess.  Completely unacceptable.  It was virtually unplayed for MANY people even months after launch.

Now that it's been fixed, it's just an okay game.  They rushed way too much for it to have any particularly more meaningful story.  it's basically just a pastiche of every cyberpunk trope, good or not.  I'd recommend it only on sale, tbh.

If you want an experience that's truer to the genre, try something like Cloudpunk, E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy, or Observer.  If you want a prettier GTA with worse driving and more RPG elements and a cyberpunk aesthetic, then 2077 is your game.

Yeah I guess I was hoping for more of a cross between the Witcher and Deus ex. But I think ultimately it just didn't stick the landing and the game was rushed.

i thought it was good, stupid console players

Yeah I wonder if my play experience would been better on pc, since I only have an xbox one.