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Guys i would like to have an opinion of yours. I'm basically a young boy that is searching for a good girl for him (i'm not desperate but i'd like to have a possible partner). Now the fact is, i always find superficial persons or even psycho girls, and even if i'd like to search some good girl to love, i'm not really able to do that. In your opinion should I try to continuing searching for "love" or i should change my approach to live and stuff like this? But mostly, i'm the only unlucky one that finds only psycho girls?

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try your luck in a poor country Smile

Change your approach, and just shoot your shot with whoever seems interesting. Time will tell if you’re meant for each other

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There is no good way to answer this without coming across as a huge misogynist tbh

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Get involved with community organizations that do good; perform good works, and you'll meet good people along the way. That's how I've met good friends/non-crazy people.

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How young are you? Things will get better as your older. Just sit back and enjoy life for now

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I would say you should focus on your self a little bit more. Sometimes love is very hard to find and is a tricky thing. Someone can love you, but stab you in the back. Don't let that scare you tho, take some time and get good at the things you enjoy. You can also find people who have the same likes as you in clubs or other things online. Just try to enjoy yourself and understand that it might take time to find love, buy you'll get there Smile

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I think that you should do your own thing. Once you have your shit in order, the good ones are gonna come. You gotta feel people's vibes too, if they're a bit off or not.

A lot of good advice here.
I don't know how young you are but things get better as you get older and as you date more girls so have confidence.
I was in your situation too and I was always terrible with girls.
The best advice I got was that if you want to meet the right girl, you gotta be the right man.
So I made a lot of effort to improve myself.
I worked really hard to get a good career, worked out everyday, travel more, and form a more meaningful relationships with friends and family.
Once you do these things, girls will come to you. They seem to sense the uptrend in your life.
This is not to say you won't attract some psycho girls.
I dated one two years ago but you need to have the self confidence to cut it off and find a better deal. No matter how hot she is ;-)
Also, don't get fixated on a little bit of crazy because all girls are little crazy as all guys are. You just need to find your kind of crazy.

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I'd like to answer to some of you, i'm 19 so i'm not that young (i mean, i've had also my experiences) and i know that focusing only on love can be frustrating and suffering. I'm not the type of person that really can't live without love, i just would like to found it (it's more a wish than a need). Like some of you i also spent a lot of years to improve myself, not for the others, just for me and now i feel like i filled in the blanks.
Maybe i didn't explain myself well but right now i'm good with myself, i feel like a "complete" person, i just would like to be happy with a person that could apprecciate me and could apprecciate and give me love. Just this