Dead Links

What is the best way to remove old links? I know a full forum is good but it can get frustrating running into dead mega links. I have been reporting as other "Dead Link". Is this a better method?
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This is the best method. Thanks
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I've wasted a lot of credits on dead links. There should be a way for us to let others know if we run into a dead link

Agree @ChillCuz. I haven't run into any dead links yet, but I know I'd probably be super frustrated wasting credits on a dead link.

I recently started uploading my content to anonfile. Although not as convenient and user-friendly as mega, anonfile links usually last longer.

Yeah I wish we got credit refund for dead or useless link.

So if you use credits to get a link and its a dead link those credits are gone?! asking for a friend Smile

ghulaky123 Wrote:Yeah I wish we got credit refund for dead or useless link.
Awesome suggestion! I like where this guy's head is at.

Wonder if it would be difficult to implement with minimal gaming of the system?

I forget to report these a lot. I wonder if there's a better UI to get reports in