Debating re-watching Game of Thrones
I was a big GoT fan, must have watched the first 6 seasons 7/8 times, but the last season just ruined it for me. Anyone think its worth rewatching and just stop at season 6?

Nah. The later seasons definitely ruin the earlier seasons for me.

I've been thinking about rewatching GOT as well, but with the disaster of season 8, it makes me scared to get invested again

I attempted it a few weeks ago, got to episode three and thought, whats the point, you know it ends in shit. so gave up and put the sopranos on

Everyone I've talked to who rewatched the series after it ended has come out of it with a new appreciation for the later seasons. Watch with an open mind and pay attention to what's actually happening, instead of what you think should happen. You might be surprised.

watch until s4 and you're good.

Read the books instead, you will get new outlook on characters you like already, and much more coherent plot. D&D weren't great at keeping the same level of autistic complexity GRRM did.

I rewatched it shortly after it ended. Still enjoyed it