Anyone on here dieting atm or in the past?

What diet was it and how did you get on with it?

Any tips for keeping disaplined with it?

I mainly just try to stick away from carbs and sugars. I cant remember which are bad complex or simple carbs but i try and avoid chips and bread but eat like potatoes.

Other than that, i find it hard to be consistent and dont really like the idea of diets, as it needs to be a lifestyle.

Dieting is a huge pain in the ass, as it requires mental stamina that most of us don't have. Plus, your brain will fight with your stomach and tongue during a diet. The biology behind it is what hampers us the most.

Just eat what you want, you only live once.

dieting is hard

Exercise>diet, make a diet just to cut of 500~1000kcal of your daily ingest is idiot. Just buy a threadmill and run, last year I was trying OPM routine and lost around 20 kg. in three months. I was short 7 kg of my ideal weight but then my threadmill explode. Run is a hack, because the kcal you burn is proportional to your weight, running 10km has less impact the more you get close to your normal weight. Then you have to increase the speed and distance. But why threadmill? too lazy to go out and you can watch videos/series at the same time.

I feel like your diet (and i mean like normal eating routines, not crash diets) is more important for weight loss than exercise. But like excercise is way better for cardiovascular and general health

Try to figure out how many calories you burn in day on average and slightly cut that for an easy starter

It’s gotta be a lifestyle change. Try and start easy with portion control and limiting the crap (no sodas everyday, instead of cake, eat an apple, etc.)

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a diet should be a lifestyle not a temprary fad