Digital vs Physical
Ok bois, what's your opinion on physical vs digital. What do you prefer, and why? If you buy digital on PC, what's your favourite store? Steam, Itch, Epic, or something else?
Personally I prefer physical when it comes to console games, but on PC I'd rather buy the game on Steam and be done with it.

Digital is simply easier for console games unless it is Nintendo Switch. Mainly because Nintendo Switch seems to be the only console where main title games actually preserve their value. As for PS and Xbox, you buy it and months later you are lucky to get 20 bucks for it. I decided to stop accumulating junk last gen and it has been great. PC, Steam is great, but Im frustrated the number of times my account has been somehow compromised.

On the lines of digital, if you console, Gamepass Ultimate on Xbox/PC is unreal for value on console and the PC. Just buy 3 years of live, upgrade it for $1, let it expire. Rinse and repeat. Less than the cost of a title per year you get all the Microsoft 1st Party Games and you get EA Play on console, it's a killer deal. You also get all the Live games for gold able to be added to your account for life at the same time.

only reason physical still exists is for people with bad internet and or outdated devices, i havent had anything with a disc slot in like, 6 years.

Digital for convenience. Steam and Itch are my go to sites.

I don't even have a device to read physical media anymore. Digital allows to have more for less money and space

Agree with the other guy. Nintendo first party games are still valued high because they know how to keep it that way. Just look at fcking xenoblade. It's still 60 dollars after 2 years lol. Worth getting physical for these kind of games. Imo, get a physical copy of games with good collectors value.

Digital. It's just much more accesible lol you dont have to remove cds or cartdridges if you want to play another game

Digital nowadays, much easier to download an entire game than the old times

Digital for a lot of games, but for consoles I like sharing games with friends and that's a lot easier with physical than digital.

i am the same way, physical copies feel right with consoles, while digital is the way to go on pc

pro Physical:
-sharing with friends not restricted
-selling possible
- -> something might be even more worth after years, if you like to collect
-refund more likely
-atleast in the old days, you owned the game, nowdays even physical could mean you only own a license to play
- -> depending on national laws: owning the actually game gives you the right to mod the game (with license its often forbidden)
- less singleplayer games require servers running imo
  -> lets say you want to play a game in 30 years, it will probably be playable

pro Digital:
-it can't break!
-arguably cheaper or bigger sales
- you don't have to switch cartriges for example
- easy to carry, you have all your games even when you go on vacation
- atleast on pc, I'd say modding is more easy
- less footprint on the enviroement

Smaller companies sometimes sell you both versions together with no extra cost.
If I had to choose, I'd take physical as long there is no big price gab
I recommend to buy from gog. There is a bit of a compromise between physical and digital, because the games have no DRM
I am not a big fan of epic games, because they exaggerate it with (timed-)exclusives, what I don't want to support. Also the launcher is spyware. On the other side, I believe less games bought through epic are bound to their launcher in contrast to steam. -> steam often needs to run, to play most games.

But which launcher is better should is not be the main topic here I guess. I hope my english speaking was not too bad.