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This is a fantastic addition, thanks. Much easier for people to figure out the best way to download.

I'm so confused with this forum. I like it, but it's a bit confusing for someone new around here like me.

Suggestion: post the link to the announcement in a way that anyone can see it. As a new user with a beginner's reputation I couldn't see the link even if I liked the first post. It seems there's no point in protecting links to common locations anyone can access. It quite amuses me that your post has done so though.

Has the minimum contrbutor level also changed because, even though I have higher than 25 I'm still unable to view threads I've unlocked as it says that I have low contribution detected. Saying that I am caught in spam filter. Before I was able to view the posts that I had unlocked and now I'm unable to view them as well.

Any clarification would be much appreciated, thanks.

i leave this comment here to be able to read the link

This is one confusing website, I don't even know how to earn credits