Do You Think Society Can Surivive Without Social Media?
I think its going to be really bad in the first months, because people have to adapt the change first. There will be some Riots, but I dont think they will last long.
BUT the most likely one, which I think most of the comments in this Thread will be, is that everything is going ham and Implode lol.

Too bad theres no Poll-Function which you can insert into a Comment. Would be pretty too see how many say Yes/No.



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Gen X would survive a tech holocaust pretty easily, and I think Millenials as well. Zoomers would probably freak the fuck out and go nuts, as well as all the "urban youths". Boomers would hate it because they could no longer complain on their forums of choice where they think their opinion matters. And everyone would think that it was a government conspiracy to shut off the Internet, and you'd probably see shootings and/or hangings of govt officials.

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absolutly yeah, will probably end up being better off without it  Big Grin At

Could we survive without it, yes its possible, I mean its a relatively new thing within the last 20 years. But social media is now so integrated in society, it would take a massive event that would be needed to cause a society regression to a simplier time. So yea its techniclly possible but not probable.

It’s starting to be the route of all evil!!!

I dont know grazkyman, I feel like social media started out in the vainity of society and has sorta of always been route to evil aspects of life.

Good question. At this point, I highly doubt it. We’re so dependent on social media as a society, not ONLY for socializing. But also for business. Social Media Marketing is now THEEEE biggest type of marketing. Not to mention the amount of companies that rely on consumer information gathered through social media.

yup, they can

Surely we would find a way to survive. If the zoomers cant handle it, then its okey since they dont sit on the vital posts of society

Society is hundreds of years older than social media, of course we would survive.