Do people still play hearthstone?
I and my circle of friends gave up on the game after the whole Blizzard barely paying its staff and how they keep nerfing and adjusting the cards. I know other card games have bans but I find Blizzard is too loose with nerfing in hearthstone and I hated having to abandoned preferred decks because Blizzard made them unviable to win. Anyways, are people still playing hearthstone? If you are, is it good or why do you keep playing? Have they toned it down with nerfing and changing cards after the set is released?

I picked it up a few months ago
just to leave it again
I don't think i'll be coming back to HS but i find youtubers such as Trump to still be pretty enjoyable

It's funny, I still check Trump playing from time to time too. I find him very relaxing to have on the background and I appreciate his card preview/reviews when net sets start leaking out.

I came back recently after a couple months off and all of my decks are already completely irrelevant. It’s kinda infuriating because it’s seems like they are making it harder and harder to win without paying

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HS is basically MTG but simpler, so I never went back to HS after finding MTG

No I just watch the good old HS yt vids

I've played the game since 2014 and it's something both casual and mentally-stimulating to have going on in the background.