Do you consider chess a sport?
Same with other card games like Poker, etc. Sometimes they get classified as sports and shown on sports channels.

If e-sports qualify, then surely these have to qualify as well?

who said e-sports qualify as sport? e-sports is no more sport than COD is actual warfare.

but to answer the question, no chess is not a sport, nor are card games.

Well. The International Olympic Committee considers chess to be a sport. Chess requires physical exertion as mental exertion manifests itself physically. Chess is competitive as the participating players feel the drive to win. Chess requires skill as a deep and serious study is necessary to become good at chess.

Yes... if you define sport as something which is physically and/or mentally demanding, and where the objective is to beat an opponent in achieving a specific goal.

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No its the same as NASCAR

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No chess involves zero athleticism.

Chess required free mind and good health condition to play better. I guess that this an argument to consider chess as a sport discipline.

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I wouldn't call it a sport but that doesn't mean it isn't respectable

Since you can define sport as entertainment, yes.

It seems like people often think of sports as something only physical yet I've never heard a definition restricting "sports" only to athletic/physical endeavours.  For me sports is anything that involves competition regarding an extra curricular activity.  So yes, chess is a sport in my book.

Yeah would have to say a sport has some physicality element to it.. Some straddle that line, but chess doesn't really have a physical element

Physicality is the only thing missing in chess. And I think physical abilities is what separates sports from non sports.

I mean it's like eSports now. It's not a physical sport but it is a mental one. Just different but it is a sport in that sense of the word. Not something I would personally watch as I like something with more action and up tempo.

Its a mental sport as opposed to the physical sport. Using your brain can actually tire you out. Imagine studying for like 8-9 hours straight.

It is similar to poker IMO


No its not a sport, only reason some may call it one is because its been played for ages and is somewhat grandfathered in

No its the same as E sport. But i respect the grind it aint easy