Do you consider eSports a sport?
What are your thoughts on eSports as a sport?

it's a category error - esports are sports in the same way that a teddy bear is a member of the family ursidae.

eSports is Electronic-Sports and yeah it is.

not a sport, doesn’t mean it’s not impressive tho

Right now I'll take it!
Not much else on... Watching Jota reduce TAA to tears in the Premier League FIFA Invitational this weekend was a particular highlight

not at all.
it's like chess.

I would argue its a mental sport as opposed to the traditional physical sport. There is a ton of pressure mentally and I'm sure all the players train hard to compete.

I feel sports is something you get physical exercise from, and with E sports you just need a certain level of endurance and concertration , so with that being said no I don't feel e sports are a real sport

No because there is no physical exertion

No because it requires no physical activity

I personally don't think so. I guess it isss what it isss. An esport. Not a traditional sport I guess but still some type exertion

In the same vein of Dart or Golf I think...

Heck if they are making the kind of money that other athletes are making does it really matter what the general public thinks?!?

No. eSports should not be considered a sport. A sport is "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature."

Same reason why chess isn't considered a sport.