Do you consider quidditch a sport?
I am talking about real quidditch which has people running around while holding a broom between their legs and not the stuff of the movies with actual flying brooms and magic.  
I think it should be considered a sport since it is a physical activity between two teams with set rules and a set not subjective scoring system. I know it's a bit silly to run around holding brooms but it makes as much sense as bouncing a ball around or just using your foot to move the ball around. Anyways, what do people think? Is quidditch a sport?

I mean it might be pretty lame but it is technically a sport I suppose lmao

It's not particularly athletic which is where I would say that the two differed...

Oh it's a sport. People began playing "Muggle Quidditch" in 2005 and the first Quidditch World Cup took place in 2007. Since then annual they've held World Cups with teams from several countries competing. The sport is in major universities. There are official Quidditch teams all around the world & official rulebooks.

Whether it's silly or not to run around the field while mounted on a broomstick, It's pretty safe to say it's officially a sport.

it ticks all the boxes. youre playing against another team and its physically exertive. the other team can block you so it isnt just a race