Do you drink coffee regularly?
I see alot of the younger adults don't drink as much coffee (or any) as the older adults. The only time I drink coffee is when I really need to stay up but that does only occur maybe once every two months.

What about you guys do you drink coffee regularly?

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I do, its one of those drinks I really enjoy. 1 or 2 a day.

not rly its  not nessesary


not regularly but like once a week. I enjoy drinking coffee but I get an upset stomach when I do lol, I can follow it up with the same amount of water to avoid it but that gets me really bloated. Otherwise I would really love to drink coffee more.

Coffee beans smell amazing, but drinking coffee sucks. I think I'm the one person in the world who can fall asleep instantly after drinking the most high octane coffee available.

Drink it regularly, pretty much need it to function in the morning lol

I drink like 4-6 cups a day

Errday. Every damn day. I love coffee, but I usually buy expensive whole beans and im kinda nit picky about my coffee.

twice a day everyday I need it

2 - 3 cups a day generally but never after 3pm otherwise getting to sleep is a nightmare

Probably twice a month lol

almost every day

Yeah a couple cups a day. I'm hopelessly addicted at this point

Nah, only before exams etc.

just lately...worried about my teeth

5-10 cups a day. Coffe addict here

there are times that i crave it