Do you prefer Daredevil joining the MCU or Do you want Season 4?
I personally want/need a Season 4. The idea of watching the character on the big screen side by side with other characters is cool, but the writing and direction the Series had back in the day was just Marvel on it’s prime. What do you guys think?

Not really, I was used to him not doing so

Season 4 - the series takes time to flesh out it's character which is better and the cast is just perfect

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DD was always street level hero, doesn't really have a place in the movie MCU

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Him joining the MCU is much preferable. HIs character can live on much longer.

I mean, I think the series was in the MCU, because of some references that were made in other shows, like the defenders. But I would rather a season 4, just because the series was top notch

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Yeah seems like Season 4 is the way to go but what @rg2121 said it’s right, the character has a longer and safe projection inside a Big Screen universe. Hopefully if they go with a Series project, it gets audience support and stays for more time and the writing keeps the essence of what Season 3 achieved.

A season 4 would provide more screen time, and season 3 was amazing, so that is my pick.

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Totally a season 4 i loved the series way more than any MCU movie so i guess that's that

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Definitely season 4. It just doesn't fit into MCU with it's climate.

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Somehow i got bored of Daredevil pretty quick. Not really fan of him.