Do you remeber the first pornsite you ever entered?
As the title says, do you rember?

Mine was

Mine was xnxx

pretty sure first porn site was 4chan for me

#4 just galleries no vids

Mine xvideos

I don't recall the first porn site per se, but my first Membership went to ATKingdom because I love 'em young.   Cool

xvideos I think

Oh my (I feel old now). First I remember was a site called Chunky Monkey or something like that. Your typical gallery of public flashing and nude beach type of site. Context: late 90s, 3 of us were studying at one of their homes and he told us he had something good to show us.

I'm not sure but I'm think its Xhamster

Im pretty sure it was xvideos

Redtube, the video was teen titans hentai

Whitehouse. Com, if anyone remembers that one. I was searching for a school project

I don't remember. But I do know it was some japanese porn site a classmate had told me about.

I don't remember but I think that was some hentai

Not sure, but I think youporn.

Nobody knew to Google back then, so you needed to know the site and was mentioned in forums quite often.

For me it was the Hub

Some very primitive sites that pirated content from Playboy. Felt pretty awesome at the time.

That was youporn i think