Do you still pirate?
May be a bit of a biased place to ask, but do any of you guys still rely heavily on pirating?

I think myself buying most games, whereas because I use to pirate them all. I only have netflix as my subscription, but if it's not on there, I will pirate. With music, I use spotify for everything.

How about you guys. How many subscription services do you guys have?

I don't pay a lot for entertainment or subscriptions. I think in the last couple of years I've only really paid for online games that require a license and are basically impossible to play for free.

Personally, my pirating died down a lot when content providers actually started giving access to a lot of content for a reasonable price. I use it for niche stuff like software nowadays whereas I used to pirate a lot of music, games, shows etc...

Not as much as 10 years ago, but still occasionally.
 I pay 50 € per year for YT music which i share with 3 friends. It covers all music I need together with soundcloud. Netflix is paid for by a family member and a waste of money imo. I have also downloaded some games from oldgames dot com but those cant be bought anywhere so it might be a stretch to call it pirating.

If it's school textbooks I have no issue pirating. For music now you can just use spotify

I used to a lot but now someones is paying my netflix and Spotify subscriptions so not anymore. Sometimes I download somes games just to try it then if it's really good I buy it but it's been a while.

Not anymore like before

I pirate a lot of things but it's just about access.
buying netflix or something like that compels you to use it. so I'd rather not.
Games I always pirate if I can. because I speedrun them once and never play them again. when games are $60 a pop it would be crazy for me to pay. and now that rentals are dead it just makes the most sense

Parents/friend share amazon prime/netflix/youtube subscription with me. I only purchase one or two games a year, not sure what changed since childhood; I don't even have the desire to pirate. I get joy out of playing older games though, don't have to always get the brand-new ones.

I will pirate books. Those can be a pain to track down, and prices for them can really add up.

not anymore, just use this site

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i would like to stop but being a college student im still not financially secure enough to pay for all the services i use, im slowly moving away from it as i make more money.

I'm so lazy. I just get Xbox game pass and be done with it.

Netflix and Tidal. I still pirate TV Shows and Movies, mostly out of convenience.

I just pirate games to try them, then if i like it i'll buy the thing.

It's been years since i pirated anything but i don't play games on my computer anymore and that was the majority of things i pirted