Do you think elon musk is a genius for buying twitter?
I think he might be doing this to get more attention, even with the verify thing it give him a lot of publicity
It might look bad for the short run but it might be very good for the long run for him
what do u think?

He's definitely a little disconnected from average twitter users

I'd call him the Shitposter-In-Chief.

I don't think he's a genius at all. I think he's causing harm to twitter and he's going to lose money as a result. He's running it poorly. The value of the company will decrease, making it more difficult for him to see returns on his investment, or, sell it for anywhere near as much as he paid for it. That makes him the opposite of a genius in my opinion.

He initially wanted to buy, then backed off due to data, and bots, etc, and then he had to buy because of court mandates.

To quote:

The Delaware Chancery Court judge has given Mr. Musk until Friday to close his long-promised, $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter. If he doesn't, Chancellor McCormick will preside over a trial in November that could end with Mr. Musk being forced to make good on the deal he made with Twitter in April.