Do you think it's possible to be a vigilante in a city?
A large number of CCTVs are installed in large cities, and this is becoming more and more common. In such a case, wouldn't it be impossible to be vigilant like a movie?

I wouldn't doubt that we already have those but they're mostly, what, murderers?

I think all you have to do is look up the rise and fall of that guy in seattle, like phoenix jones or something. You would basically have to run a full criminal enterprise to pull it off.

This isn't NYC in the 1970s when you could get away with that. If people started doing that today, the state would bring their swat team down on the vigilante, take all of his shit, and then charge him with murder. Because those poor criminals that died were oppressed and they need compensation. And then they'd charge him with possession of child pornography, which they "found" (planted) on his computer, to distract from the vigilante charges.

The state wants no competition when it comes to the crimes they commit. The people are subjects, not citizens.

You'd get shot pretty easily from other gangs.

Fuck, or get fucked.

Quote: Fuck, or get fucked.
That should be a Nevada brothel logo.

Possible but just very tough. With cameras everywhere now, there’s no way you’d be able to hide your identity

With Batman amounts of money anything is possible. Though obviously thats kind of unreasonable.

It’s not worth the risk

Nah this ain't movies, you will get haunted like the state and crime organization and killed.

I don't think anoyne would last if tries something like that.