Do you want sports to return without fans?
Would you want major sports leagues to return to action in the next few months if they play behind closed doors with no fans?

I think it may be the only option if they want to play at all this year

As much as I want to watch sports on TV, I feel like it would just kill a lot of the excitement for players and make it feel like a practice game.

I would hate it

Probably not. Not having the crowd hyped up and excited would really take away from the viewing experience.

Watching premier league without fans will be a great loss...

Yes, I´d die for being able to watch live football again...

I'd be fine with that. If the players are tested and healthy then they should play.

It would deffo take away a lot of the excitement from the game. The crowd plays such a big part in sports and it is the crowd that allow for those spine-chilling exciting moments. For example, Agueroooooooo wouldn't be as entertaining without that huge roar from the audience.

Yes I just now realize what a major role sports plays in our daily life, I`m missing all of them

There's nothing better than the roar of the crowd a a game, but I'm really getting desperate to watch live sports again and I would love to see something, even if it's without fans.

Yes that is what will happen

It'd be weird but its better than nothing

Yeah, lebron james need to win his 4 ring

Yes! Its better then no sports I miss sports so much smh