Does Anyone Have Food Alergies?
I'm truthfully not sure. A while ago, I had a breakout of what looked like hives after I ate something new but I never got around to getting it tested. Was wondering about you

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If i try and eat fish i can end up puking
Haven't eaten fish in years i think apart from sushi that is
and i am extra sensitive towards fat and the usual greasy stuff

So far I haven’t eat something that produces me a very strong side effect in my body, I’m aware of some allergies tests I got when I was younger but the list was long and ridiculous it included things like eggs, chocolate which are probably a very minor issue since I can eat these foods in a daily basis with no problem.
But I remember a vacation that I got to taste a lobster for the first time and my tongue swelled & got itchy, still I am not too sure if this was an allergy effect, looking forward to try lobster again and see how it goes.