Does swallowing or spitting show more about a girl?
I've always thought girls who spit dont really like the guy... and i'm with this girl who constantly spit so i'm just beginning to wonder is there more to this or am i just simply overthinking?

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Nah bro. Some girls simply don't like it. Let's be honest - texture isn't great, it's like warm uncooked egg.

Also, how it tastes depends on your health, so that can range anywhere from kinda pleasant to downright gross. At least this one you can change, google can give you plenty of suggestions.

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To me, whether she swallows or not i think it has nothing to do with how she feels about you. Its probably just her own preference whether she likes it or not? Idk man i think you're just overthinking this. Just enjoy the process and make her satisfied bruh

No dont complicate som may dont like the taste or other reason, maybe just trying ask her but don't force her .

I think its only a question of choice and taste! Haha Smile

As long as she doesn't spit it in your face it shouldn't be a problem   Big Grin

Don't focus on the mean thing, just enjoy the moment

Why does that happen shes already got your dick in her mouth?

It’s all about preference honestly.

Talk to her. She might be up to that, but usually they not crazy about that. Also, if the taste is awful - would you swallow? Swallowing is an act of subtle submission, but that's it.

I honestly don't care about that. Any option make a girl better than other
The part before that is what matters hehe

Her swallowing is nice, but I also like when they spit it right back on it and then get it back to swallow it.....Woooo!!

shouldn't really matter in the end, its her choice, and in the end at least you got sucked off

It shows what they prefer and that's about it

Just be glad you are getting it

I think you're mostly overthinking... but swallowing might show that she's super into you tbh

its a fetish, different people different likes.

next time communicate about it with her

In my life is has come down to more of a preference to the lady. Some don't seem to care, some seem to enjoy it, some have a rather bad gag reflex and simply can't help it, and some must think it is freakin delicious. I always just assumed it was kinda like guys who dive into eating vs the lickers who seem afraid of the smell/taste of the lady bits.

Personally, I have always been more concerned about the moments AFTER you finish. Does she wipe it off with a towel but still put that pup back in for a nice after slosh, does she suck it down and keep on chuggin until you pry her off, or does she act like its a coiled snake and run after you pop your load? Any amount of after work to me is freakin prime action. But even that is all pref still. I'd never assume a lady didnt enjoy my company simply because she couldnt bring herself to chug my man sauce.

You're definitely overthinking it, everyone likes different things and your girl doesn't like it talk to her about. It doesn't really say anything about whether or not they care about you

That's like saying does watching softcore or hardcore porn say more about a guy? Probably.