Dune....the spice must flow
It took my a few tries and ended up finishing it in audiobook form, but boy is the Dune universe such a cool unique universe. Im also super excited about the cast and director. Blade Runner 2049 was amazing so I have no doubt this franchise will be in good hands. Is anyone here exctied for the new movie?

It must all be for the spice.

I just hope its better than the old 80s movie.

I haven't watched that one, is it recommended to?

As a fan that read the books (his and his son's), seen the movie, and seen the TV movie, I'm excited.
The cast looks good even if they genderswapped Liet Kynes, but I must say the choice for Dr. Yueh WAS ON FRICKIN' POINT.

The spice... the spice!!

I would be a whole lot happier if he were making the sequel to Dune, when his son takes over. But no, he had to redo the original. I hope to God this isn't some woke version of Dune.

I dont know about the sequels with his son. Maybe only as far as him taking over but I dont really want to watch him turn into the god emporer aka giant human worm. That being said, I trust the director to blow my mind of what a human sand worm looks like

I#M waiting for Dune too. I hope it will be epic.

i hope the film is good but i have a feeling it will drift

Im trying to stay cautiously optimistic. I really trust in the director also. Between Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival, the dude has got an handle on scifi.