Easiest instrument to learn?

In your opinion what is the easiest instrument for a person to learn and be able to decently play a few pieces?
I have heard that guitar is one of the best for at least self teaching but I always thought it was piano. Is piano just deceptively hard?

easiest to play is recorder, but it's not an instrument easy to play alone

The triangle.

I think piano is pretty easy to get started with, but hard to master

I would agree with the above comment. Piano isn't necessarily difficult as there are plenty of free resources online. You can definitely learn to play a range of songs from YouTube alone. Also with a bit of practice, you can learn to play melodies on a piano by ear which I assume is more difficult on a guitar.

There's also plenty of sources online for musical theory. Surprisingly there are only 4 main chords in most popular songs which can definitely help to play songs not just on piano but guitar as well

Get a Ukulele! Dirt cheap, super easy to play a few pop tunes and would be a good stepping stone to the guitar.

playing keyboard games

Ukelele sounds good not hard to play

Ukeleles are cheap and fun, but I personally have gotten more out of learning the piano