Evangelion movies, thoughts?
Anyone here watched the Evengelion movies? Im just now getting around to them, now that there on Amazon. Im only on 2.22.22, but Im digging the visuals. Im worried though, because there is a lot of subtext over the course of the tv series that I dont they can address in 4 movies (and yes I know its potentially more like a sequel and not reboot, im looking at you red oceans).

Since last one came out recently...
The first 2 movies are the action mecha anime goodness, the latter 2 movies brings out the true anime as the emotional rollercoaster the anime always has been. Def lots of subtext and not everything is answered, but that's basically real life. But it ages beautifully as you grow your own emotional experiences in life.

1.11 and 2.22 are just summaries of the show made for people who haven't watched it or it's been awhile. It gets enough info for you to follow a conversation if anyone talks about NGE.
3.33 was something all over the place. Looking back, it has the extremes of tranquility/stomach butterflies and then what seems like world ending tragedy. Which sums up Shinji quite fittingly or just extreme depression in general.
3.0+1.0 has three acts within the movie and each one was a great piece to the whole. The movie answers pretty much alot of questions and lore, but not everything in detail and you just get 1 or 2 sentences and just move on. Visually the most stunning movie animations.

TLDR: Gigguk's "Thank you, Eva" on YT.

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Thanks for the indepth commentary. It will be good to know what I'm in for in and that things aren't wrapped up in a nice little bow (not that I expected that, haha). Being an Eva fan is sorta self torture sometimes.